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Catania airport closed after Etna volcano erupts again

The Etna volcano erupted again in Italy, and volcanic ash spread on the runway of Catania airport, which led to its closure again, as no flight will be able to land or take off, according to the Italian newspaper, "Al Messaggero".

Airport authorities have reported that a new eruption at Etna forced a temporary suspension of all activities at Catania Airport near Sicily, due to visibility issues caused by heavy rains of ash emanating from the volcano.

"The airport runway is currently contaminated with volcanic ash. No flights will be able to land or take off from CTA Airport," the company that operates the airport said on social media, noting that cleaning operations had been conducted overnight.

The eruption of the highest active volcano in Europe, which began at about eleven o'clock GMT, and lasted about two hours, caused a source of lava to occur in the southeast crater, as well as another tongue in the southwest. According to the National Institute of Geophysics and Volcanology (INGV).

The volcanic eruption was accompanied by a cloud of at least 5 km in height, which caused a torrential downpour of lava ash that reached several Italian cities, including Catania.

Since the launch of Etna's activity in mid-February, there have been as many eruptions as the one this past morning, which is a typical volcano phenomenon, according to INGV.