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Belgian authorities: a catastrophic situation in the southeast of the country due to the continued floods

The Belgian authorities described the situation in several provinces in the south and southeast of the country as "catastrophic", due to the floods resulting from continued heavy rains for several days.

According to the Italian news agency, today, Thursday, the floods led, according to the Walloon regional government, in the south of the country, to the collapse of dozens of houses in a number of municipalities and the complete suspension of trains.

It was also reported that two people died, one of whom was twenty-two years old, while others are still missing, indicating that “it is too early to talk about a final outcome of the human and material damage,” according to a government statement.

The government called on residents in and around the city of Liege (southeast of the country) to stay in their homes and not move except when absolutely necessary.

In the regions of the north and the capital, Brussels, the material damage is still relatively limited.

Floods are still continuing in several German regions and in Luxembourg, where a state of emergency has been declared.