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Behind the scenes of the dressing room... The first interview between Imad Miteb and Amir Abdel Hamid in Al-Ahly

The club locker room always witnesses many scenes, some of which are revealed, while many of them remain as secrets that no one knows anything about, and these scenes often have a major role in many important decisions that may affect the future of some players, because the club’s locker room Team clothing is the “kitchen” from which the first spark of important decisions and strong instructions emerges, and it also has a role in achieving victories and ascending to the podium, as well as having a role in receiving defeats and losing championships. Therefore, in the context of the next report, we will present the scenes of some of what is happening in the Egyptian football dressing rooms.

Amir Abdel Hamid, the former Al-Ahly goalkeeper, recalled the tape of his memories inside the Red Castle and the moment he met Imad Miteb, the former Al-Ahly striker, in the locker room, saying: “Most of my time in Al-Ahly I slept with Imad Miteb in one room, and I remember the first time I saw him. Broken and crying in Al-Ahly, and I told him that he will recover and become a big player, because I was hearing about a talented player in Al-Ahly youth named “Imad Al-Mutab” and the friendship between us continues to this day. He is a balanced, sane, calm and respectable person.

Amir Abdel Hamid adds, "My journey in Al-Ahly began many years ago when my brother brought me the playing form for Al-Ahly, and I did not believe at the time that my dream might come true. Cairo, but he would have preferred to sit with us, and when we worked, he made a contract with the club. Each of us took an apartment and took his family with him.”

And the Al-Ahly goalkeeper continued, “The first contract in Al-Ahly was worth 50 thousand pounds, and I signed five years with Alaa Abdel-Sadiq, after the incident of Hani Saeed escaping from the junior sector in Al-Ahly. The colors of the cars are the same, the color and white, although in Laiba a lot of people like to get red and white cars, for example Khaled Bebo had a red car.”

Amir Abdel Hamid adds: “I used to see Captain Schubert say I will come today to make a contract for his uniform and play in his place because of my love in it. I did not have any satisfactions, but our Lord honored me with rewards for many championships. I used to stay up late at home, but in the match camps, I slept early.”