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A surveillance camera monitors the moment a large meteor illuminates the sky in southern Norway

A surveillance camera recorded in a street in southern Norway, a strange phenomenon of a luminous object moving in the sky, and it turned out that this body is a strong flash of light from a large meteor that entered the atmosphere, and the effects of the meteor caused tremendous interest, and extensive searches were launched for the mysterious rock coming from space.

The "Russia Today" network showed clips from different angles of the large meteor lighting up the sky of Norway, and the luminous body moved in the sky, then suddenly its light increased like a piece of lightning to dramatically illuminate the area in southern Norway, amid questions from the residents about the reason for this phenomenon after the spread of the footage. On social networking sites.

On the other hand, the most famous space rock in Britain, which is the remains of a meteorite dating back 4.6 billion years, that fell last February on the town of Wincombe in Gloucestershire, western England, is displayed to the public at the Natural History Museum in the capital, London.

Scientists are busy studying the rock, since it holds within it the chemistry that was present when our solar system was formed 4.6 billion years ago, but they have enough samples to make a 100-gram piece available for display to museum visitors, according to the BBC.

The meteor on display looks like a small piece of half-burned coal, but after looking closely at it you can see some strands of grass and remnants of mud, since the meteorite fell from the sky into a field.