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61 people in a South Korean military unit were infected with the Corona virus

South Korea's Joint Chiefs of Staff announced that 61 more service members aboard the destroyer King Monmu the Great of the 34th batch of the Chunghee Military Unit have tested positive for the coronavirus, bringing the total number of infections in the 34th batch to 68.

According to Yonhap News Agency, today, Sunday, an official of the South Korean Joint Chiefs of Staff confirmed that so far, the PCR tests that were conducted on 101 members of the 34th batch have been conducted to detect people with corona, and the results of the tests for 68 individuals have been positive. He fears the number will rise further, adding that the government is scheduled to send two KC-330 air refueling planes to the coast of Africa to bring home all the 34th batch of 300 of the coronavirus-infested Chung Hee military unit after taking off from Gimhae Airport in Busan. .