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Watch.. The Telecommunications Regulatory Authority receives complaints from people of determination through video calls

The National Telecommunications Regulatory Authority published an explanatory video in sign language, for the service of receiving and resolving complaints of telecom users of people of determination. By making video calls through the device's location.

The NTRA had launched the service of receiving and resolving complaints for users with disabilities in sign language, by making video calls through the NTRA's website, through which complaints are received in sign language, followed up and resolved.


This step comes in order to facilitate users with disabilities, to ensure that their satisfaction rates with the services provided to them are raised and to ensure easy access to telecommunications and Internet services, as they are an integral part of the fabric of Egyptian society, and that is to complement the NTRA’s strategy to support and integrate users with disabilities In the process of digital transformation and consolidating their rights to obtain all telecommunications services available in the Egyptian market.


The device provides a service to receive complaints for people with disabilities who have raised their complaints and were unable to resolve them with service providers or directly for those who do not have a way to meet their needs in communicating with their service operator. In this regard, the device has directed telecommunications companies operating in the Egyptian market to provide a service for receiving complaints. For users with disabilities using sign language as soon as possible and preparing points of sale and outlets to receive them and facilitate their transactions, and this comes within the framework of the state’s interest in integrating and empowering citizens with disabilities within the Egyptian society, and based on the role of the device in ensuring that communication services reach all users, and in the interest of It promotes communication with all segments of society.


The complaints center for deaf and hard of hearing users operates from Sunday to Thursday from nine in the morning until seven in the evening.


It is worth noting that this initiative comes as a continuation of the series of measures recently taken by the device to enable people with disabilities to access telecommunications services and integrate them into the digital transformation process, the most prominent of which was the availability of free-to-use mobile applications and the availability of a new mobile line at a 50% discount on its monthly packages by all mobile companies, and the creation of branches and corporate outlets to facilitate their access to services on an equal basis with all users.