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The story of a goal.. Emad Miteb defeats England's defenders in the Youth World Cup

There are always goals that remain in the memory of the masses and are unforgettable, especially when they are linked to a difficult qualification, achieving a championship or rehabilitating, which applies to Imad Miteb's goal against England with the national team in the World Youth Cup.

Imad Miteb snatched the spotlight in the 73rd minute after Miteb received the ball and continued to dribble the England players right and left until he scored a wonderful ball in the goal, which was the team's only goal, through which he got the three points in the World Youth Cup in the UAE in 2003, and leads the Pharaohs to win the match.

Emad Miteb's goal with the youth team against England in the World Youth Cup in the UAE in 2003, was and still is the gateway to the fame of the sniper, after which he became the first scorer in Al-Ahly Club despite his young age.

The national team started the match with the formation of Sherif Ekramy, who was the captain of the team, in front of him was Muhammad Al-Zayat, Amir Azmy Mujahid and Karim Zekry, on the right Ahmed Fathi, on the left the late Mohamed Abdel Wahab, and participated in the midfield, Hosni Abd Rabo, Ahmed Samir Farag and Ahmed Saeed, and in the attack Imad Miteb and Reda Metwally.

The Egyptian national team scored the goal of progress through tired, in the 74th minute of the match, after the Egyptian team played a good match and controlled the ball, providing a refined offensive performance through tired, who threatened the England team more than once, and Hosni Abd Rabbo Caesar, who tried more than once through his various corrections, in addition to To Ahmed Farag.