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The rise in gold prices in Egypt today .. and 21 karat records 800 pounds

Gold prices in Egypt recorded today, Tuesday, June 15, a limited increase, as 21 karat gold, which is the best-selling in Egypt, reached 800 pounds per gram, after its decline in yesterday’s trading to levels of 799 pounds per gram.

Gold prices today:

Carat 18 recorded 686 pounds.


21 caliber record 800 pounds.


24 carat record 915 pounds.


The gold pound is 6400 pounds.


An ounce of gold is $1,865.


The recorded prices of gold globally recorded $ 1865 per ounce, after falling from the levels of $ 1890 during the past 24 hours due to the rise of the US dollar, and expectations indicate changes in gold prices in the coming hours, while the markets await a number of important economic events.


Precious metals markets are awaiting today, Tuesday, June 15th, the announcement of the minutes of the Monetary Policy Committee meeting of the Australian Reserve, average wages and the British unemployment rate, and the speech of Andrew Bailey, Governor of the Bank of England.


US core retail sales, US producer price index, New York state manufacturing index, US industrial production and New Zealand dairy price index are also scheduled.


These events and the expected economic data will lead to a change in gold prices during today's trading sessions, and we may witness changes in the gold movement indicator.