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The Moroccan authorities prevent a Belgian citizen from entering the country.. and confirm: a sovereign decision

 The Moroccan authorities confirmed that preventing the Belgian citizen Christophe Marchand from entering its territory is a "sovereign decision" made in accordance with the requirements of the law relating to the entry and stay of foreigners in Morocco and illegal immigration.

A statement by the human rights authorities stated that the arrival of the Belgian citizen - who is known for his hostile attitudes towards Morocco, especially violating its territorial integrity - and his attempt to enter Moroccan territory, "is nothing but an attempt by him to exploit his presence in Morocco to confuse a case before the court."

The statement stated that "although the Belgian citizen is aware that he has been banned from entering Morocco since February 24, 2021, he insisted on going to Morocco in an attempt to impose a fait accompli and take advantage of the decision to prevent him from harming the country's image by playing the role of the victim, as well as using his presence to follow up the trial to prepare Biased and subjective reports.

The statement indicated that "the sovereign decision to refuse his entry was made in accordance with the requirements of the law relating to the entry and residence of foreigners in the Kingdom of Morocco and illegal immigration, especially Article 4 of it, which permits the refusal of any foreigner to enter Morocco if he is prohibited from entering it, which applies to this case."