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The moment cars were swallowed by a landslide in front of a hospital in Jerusalem

A surveillance camera recorded a video clip of the moment a large landslide occurred and a large crater formed in the parking lot of the Shaare Zedek Medical Center in Jerusalem, and the video footage recorded scenes of the crater swallowing a number of cars and expanding the area of ​​the collapse, and seven firefighting vehicles arrived at the scene, according to what was reported. Sputnik quoted.

The "Russia Today" network also showed video clips of the moment of the landslide that swallowed some cars that were parked in the garage of the Israeli "Shaare Zedek" hospital in Jerusalem.

News reports stated that an Israeli official said that the police and rescue forces were at the site of the collapse, and at this point there is a fear that additional parts of the situation will collapse and the police forces have worked to remove people to achieve maximum safety.

In Mexico, the effects of a giant crater that expands tens of meters every day, worried residents in a rural area in central Mexico, where it was threatening to swallow a house.

When the Sanchez family heard a loud explosion, they first thought it was lightning, but soon discovered that the ground had collapsed a few meters from their home in a field in Santa Maria Zacatepec in Puebla.

The hole filled with water was about 30 meters wide on Sunday, then quickly grew to 60 meters on Monday and about 80 meters on Tuesday, dangerously close to the home of the Sanchez family, who fear they will be left homeless.