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The main index of the Egyptian Stock Exchange increased by 1.24% in the middle of trading

The Egyptian stock exchange indices continued to rise in the middle of today's trading session, the middle of the week's sessions, with the exception of the EGX70 index, amid foreign purchases, while the Egyptians and Arabs' trading tended to sell.


The "EGX30" index rose by 1.24% to reach the level of 10186 points, and the "EGX50" index rose by 0.58% to reach the level of 2223 points, and the "EGX30" index of specific weights jumped by 1.32% to reach the level of 12,769 points, The "EGX30" total return index increased by 1.22% to reach the level of 3982 points.


While the index of medium and small companies "EGX70 of equal weights" decreased by 0.09% to reach the level of 2369 points, and the "EGX100 index of equal weights" rose by 0.33% to reach the level of 3,327 points, and the Nile Stock Exchange index fell by 0.27% to reach the level of 3,327 points. Level 1327 points.


In a related context, the Egyptian Stock Exchange announced the suspension of trading on 13 shares for a period of 10 minutes, for exceeding 5%, up or down, during today's trading session, and they are; Iron and Steel for Mines and Quarries, General for Land Reclamation, Development and Reconstruction, Egyptian Building Industry Development (Lift Slab Egypt), Sharm Dreams for Tourism Investment, Zahraa El Maadi for Investment and Reconstruction, Delta for Construction and Development, Tanmia for Real Estate Investment, Reconstruction and Engineering Consultancy, Egyptians for Investment and Urban Development, Arab Ceramics - Ceramica Remas, Islamic Gharbia for Urban Development, Talaat Moustafa Holding Group, Egypt Beni Suef Cement.


In the same context, the transactions of the insiders, the main shareholders and the groups associated with them varied during the trading session yesterday, as the board of directors of the two Palm Hills Development and Tourism Pioneers-Rowad companies sold 150 thousand shares, 5,000 shares, respectively, and a major shareholder sold the two Delta Construction and Development companies, Port Said for Agricultural Development and Contracting sold 40.2 thousand shares and 46,228 shares, respectively, and a group linked to the International Fertilizers and Chemicals Company sold 5 thousand shares.


While the Board of Directors of Al-Mohandes Insurance Companies, Egyptian Kuwaiti Holding, Naeem Holding for Investments, and Al-Badr Plastics bought 4496 shares, 564.1 thousand shares, 13750 shares, 80 thousand shares, respectively, and a major shareholder in the Arab Company for Engineering Industries, Al-Nozha International Hospital bought 500 thousand shares. , 1215 shares, respectively.


Cleopatra Hospital Company also bought one million treasury shares during Monday's session.


In a separate context, the Egyptian Iron and Steel Company said that the company had received a technical and financial offer from a Ukrainian company to rehabilitate, develop and manage the company “under liquidation” with the revenue-sharing system after the liquidation decision was issued, and it is being studied by the Holding Company for Metallurgical Industries.


In another context, the management of the Egyptian Stock Exchange announced the opening of the candidacy for the elections of the Board of Directors of the Egyptian Stock Exchange tomorrow, Wednesday.