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The Ismaili Technical Committee opens the file to extend Shukry Naguib’s contract with the Dervishes

The Technical Committee of the Ismaili Club, headed by Ali Abu Greisha, has begun to open the file to extend the contract of Shokry Najib, the Dervish striker, which ends at the end of the next season, as the player has the right to sign for any club next January, and Shukri Najib starred in the ranks of the yellow castle this season and became one of the most important players in the squad The basics of Ismaili, especially since Ihab Jalal took charge of training the dervishes, and the technical committee intends to hold a session with the player to resolve this file and keep Najib in the yellow castle to preserve the basic strength of the team within the plan to form a distinguished team in the new season.

Shukri Najib played 103 games with Ismaily, totaling 5840 minutes, scoring 16 goals and making 10 goals, while Shukri Najib played with the Arab Contractors 42 games, totaling 2654 minutes, scoring 8 goals, making 7 goals.

Shokry Naguib played 28 matches with Aswan, totaling 2059 minutes, scoring 4 goals, while he played 13 matches with Petrojet, 905 minutes, scoring 4 goals, making 3 goals.

Today, Monday, the Ismaili team, led by Ihab Galal, will start the first match of the league pause, as it faces its counterpart Kaskada at Ismailia Stadium, in preparation for facing Ghazl El-Mahalla at seven in the evening, Tuesday, June 15, at Ismailia Stadium in the 26th round of the league competition.