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The clearinghouse notifies the sponsoring company of the Fayoumi Club of the termination of the contract

Clearing Club officials sent a letter to the sponsoring company of the Fayoumi Club informing them of the termination of the contract; Due to the sponsoring company's failure to pay the required amounts for the football team's dues, including players, technical, administrative and medical staff.

The clearing club officials confirmed, in their letter to the sponsoring company, that the company did not fulfill the financial obligations required of them for a long time, and caused a financial crisis for the Fayoumi Club, so the clearing department proceeded to terminate the contract unilaterally for the other party’s failure to comply with the contract concluded between them.

The clearing department began following the necessary legal procedures to terminate the parish’s contract with the current sponsor, after assigning the club’s legal advisor to carry out the necessary procedures for rescinding the contract in accordance with the law, and the search for a new sponsor began.

A source in the clearing club stressed that there is a state of resentment within the clearing club due to the sponsor’s failure to pay the dues of the football team, according to what was agreed upon in the sponsorship contract before the beginning of the current season, other than ignoring the response to all the correspondences that were made by the clearing administration with him, Either formally or amicably.