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Texas Democrats are urging Biden and Congress to take action to protect voting rights

The Washington Post said that Democrats in Texas, who had obstructed Republicans' attempts to pass a new voting law that would impose restrictions on people of color, had sent a letter to President Joe Biden and his congressional allies after they withdrew from the state House of Representatives session to prevent the passage of the law, and this message is: If we can protect Voting rights, you can, too.

The newspaper pointed out that the surprise move by about 60 Democratic lawmakers in Texas delayed the passage of a voting procedure, which would have been the most stringent in the country, and deprived Republicans of the required quorum and forced them to delay suddenly without taking a vote.

The newspaper believes that the abrupt withdrawal has shaken the national debate in America about voting rights, and shed light on the federal legislation supported by the Democrats that stopped in the Senate during the last period, even as Republicans in Texas moved to impose new voting rules.

"Today, as the nation awaits what happens in Austin, we knew that we needed to send a message," said Democratic Representative Trey Martys Fischer of the Texas Legislative Assembly. And the message is very, very clear, we need a national response to federal voting rights.

 Republicans control the executive and legislative branches in Texas, and they have large majorities in the House and Senate, while Governor Greg Abbott pledged to re-hold the vote to the House in a special session later this year, and threatened to stop funding the Legislative Council after that, but the Democrats withdraw. It was a shocking and undeniable defeat for Republican leaders who assumed the bill would pass by the deadline for completion of 2021 legislative work.