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Swiss reports: High blood pressure may be a side effect after the corona vaccination

Many people have reported high blood pressure after the corona virus vaccination, but is it normal to high blood pressure after receiving the corona vaccine, besides the common side effects that can occur once the vaccine is injected into the body, such as: fever, weakness, malaise and pain at the injection site? This is what we learn in the following report, according to the "Times of India" website.

According to a series of reports from Switzerland, several people experienced high blood pressure minutes after the vaccination, and in India as well, the case studies that have been put forward point to the allegations regarding high blood pressure levels after the vaccination against the Corona virus.

From what has been observed so far, a small percentage of people from Switzerland, who received the necessary doses of the mRNA vaccines, developed severe high blood pressure minutes after the vaccination.

Among the reported cases, most patients were over the age of 70 and male, and 8 out of 9 patients had previously been diagnosed with hypertension.

In India, several studies have been presented indicating that people develop very high blood pressure levels after being vaccinated with either Covishield or Covaxin, the two vaccines available in India.

Can vaccines affect your blood pressure readings?

So far, high blood pressure or an obvious change in blood pressure readings are not among the mentioned side effects of any of the corona vaccines.

Elevated blood pressure levels have not been reported as an obvious adverse reaction in any of the clinical or safety trials conducted to date.

However, emerging data suggests that high blood pressure is a strange side effect that many may experience after getting a vaccine.

People who had high blood pressure also reported symptoms such as headache, chest pain, anxiety and sweating, all of which are associated with high blood pressure levels.

Although it is considered a "rare" side effect, experts suggest that high blood pressure may not be a side effect in itself, but may be caused by the stress associated with the vaccination.

What should heart patients know?

While experts have now rejected classifying high blood pressure as a side effect with corona vaccines, it has been emphasized that people at risk should not consider high blood pressure levels a sufficient reason to delay or refuse vaccination, and delaying vaccination may also make a person vulnerable. Corona negative complications at the present time.

For heart patients, getting vaccinated is completely safe, and high blood pressure may be a "rare" and worrisome event at the moment but it can be managed well.

Corona vaccines are also being evaluated on an ongoing basis, so we will need more research to study whether or not this potential side effect could be threatening.

And if you have a past history of cardiovascular complications or have been taking medications for a while, don't try to limit your medication intake instead of getting vaccinated. Keep taking all your medications, and consult your doctor before getting vaccinated.