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Sri Lanka: More than 3 million doses of "Corona" vaccines have been used to date

Today, Saturday, the Sri Lankan government announced that the Ministry of Health has used three million, 140 thousand and 256 doses to date of Corona vaccines “Covid 19”.

The Sri Lankan newspaper "Daily News" stated - on its website - that, according to the statistics of the Epidemiology Unit of the Ministry of Health, the first dose of Covid vaccines has already been administered to 2,391,683 individuals, while the second dose has been given to 748,573 individuals.

Sri Lanka uses several types of vaccines, such as "AstraZeneca", "Sinopharma", and the Russian "Sputnik".

The total number of confirmed and reported coronavirus cases in Sri Lanka reached 233,064, of whom 195,434 have recovered, and at the same time, the total number of virus-related deaths reached 2,425.