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Saudi newspaper: 70% of adults have received the “Corona” vaccine

The Saudi newspaper, "Al-Riyadh", confirmed that 70 percent of adults in the Kingdom received the "Corona" vaccine, which leads to the right path for an immune society.

And the newspaper explained in its editorial, today, Friday, under the title (Towards a Immunized Society) - that our corona infection rate is closer to stability with a relatively high rate, warning against complacency in any way even with obtaining the vaccine that has already proven effective in reducing infections, Until our society is completely immune.

Riyadh considered that the Corona pandemic changed the shape of the world, so that it is possible to divide the time into before and after Corona. The world may return to what it was before, but this will take some time, so caution and apprehension will be a feature of the coming years, which is a natural thing. What the world has suffered during the past two years is something that humanity has not known in our present time.

It is reported that the General Presidency for the Affairs of the Grand Mosque and the Prophet’s Mosque has completed all organizational, service and health preparations aimed at providing the best services to the pilgrims upon their arrival at the Grand Mosque during the Hajj season this year.

The Presidency indicated that all field and administrative agencies and departments are working to improve the outputs of business and services through plans and programs prepared in advance to facilitate the performance of rituals and worship in the Grand Mosque and to take into account the health requirements of the exceptional pandemic so that pilgrims perform their rituals amid organizational and health services prepared for a safe healthy environment that meets all requirements for infection control in order to preserve Health and safety of visitors to the Two Holy Mosques.

The presidency affirmed the continuity of preparing organizational and development plans to achieve the maximum benefit from human and mechanical capabilities and harnessing them to integrate the quality of the service system in the Grand Mosque and its keenness to continue the qualitative service excellence that has been achieved since the gradual return of pilgrims and worshipers, through the application of global service quality developments and the development of standards and levels of performance on an ongoing basis, to take into account The outputs of the service and administrative system and the objectives of all development projects and programs, and to ensure the achievement of the objectives of the presidency aimed at a comprehensive development of the services system of the Two Holy Mosques