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Real Madrid allocates 150 million euros to settle the Mbappe deal

Press reports revealed today, Saturday, the details of Real Madrid's offer to contract Frenchman Kilian Mbappe in Paris Saint-Germain and is preparing the financial offer to include him this summer.

Real Madrid news today


The Spanish "Defense Central" website confirmed that the Real Madrid administration is monitoring the situation of Mbappe and is preparing a large financial offer to kidnap the Frenchman.

Real Madrid's management knows that Mbappe's refusal to renew his contract with the French team will lead to his exit this summer instead of letting him leave for free, so the royal team is preparing a financial offer to persuade the Parisians to abandon the young star.

Real Madrid news today


According to the site, the Real Madrid administration will offer Paris Saint-Germain 100 million euros and 50 million euros in incentives, bringing the deal to a total of 150 million euros.

Defensa Central indicated that the least valuable incentives will be concerned with the number of his participation with the team, the goals he scored and his participation with the French national team, while the relatively higher incentives will be related to the number of collective and individual titles, his presence in the best awards and the ideal formation of the year.

Real Madrid news today


While the most important financial incentive remains to win the Ballon d'Or, which Mbappe seeks to achieve, as he believes that his playing for Real Madrid may give him greater chances of winning.

The site confirmed that the Real Madrid administration was considering including players in the deal, most notably French defender Raphael Varane, but the latter does not want to enter any exchange deal, which prompted the team to think of a direct and important financial offer without players.

Real Madrid news today


The Real Madrid administration believes that the financial offer presented may convince the Paris Saint-Germain administration, because Mbappe is still in his contract for one season, and his stay in the team makes him leave for free in the summer of 2022.