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Poll: 54% of Britons want to delay lifting coronavirus restrictions

An opinion poll conducted by the British newspaper, The Guardian, revealed today, Sunday, that 54% of Britons (the poll sample) believe that the lifting of restrictions imposed in the country should be postponed to limit the spread of the Corona virus.

And the newspaper pointed out that British Prime Minister Boris Johnson appears ready to announce a delay of up to 4 weeks for the last stage of lifting restrictions in the United Kingdom, and a formal announcement is scheduled for tomorrow, Monday.

And another poll had found - last week, that 43% of Britons (the poll sample) believed that the lifting of restrictions should be postponed, which represents a relative increase with the current poll.

On Saturday, Johnson announced that the government should be vigilant due to the high incidence of the mutated "delta" strain of the Corona virus, which was first discovered in India.

On the other hand, analysis of the British government's homelessness statistics revealed today that at least 130,000 families were displaced in England during the first year of the Corona virus that causes "Covid-19" despite the government's ban on evictions.

According to data obtained by the British newspaper (The Guardian), fears are growing that a wave of evictions may be imminent as the date for ending the ban imposed in the country to limit the spread of the global epidemic approaches, although current figures indicate that even while the ban was in force, it was forced Families to leave their homes.

For her part, the chief executive of the UK housing charity, Shelter, said: “The ban has not prevented tens of thousands from facing homelessness, and during the pandemic the most common reasons for homelessness have been that they are no longer able to stay with friends or family, or lose a contract. Private rent or domestic violence.