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Nigerian police say 12 people have been kidnapped in the center of the country

The police in Nigeria announced today, Sunday, that 12 people were kidnapped in the (Zayra) axis in the center of the country.

The Nigerian newspaper (The Nation) reported that this comes only 3 days after the killing of a student and the kidnapping of 10 students and lecturers at (Nohu Bamale Polytechnic) in Zaira.

"Yes, there was an incident in Zaira and some victims were rescued," said Zaria's chief of police, who confirmed the incident in a telephone interview.

In response to a question about whether the kidnappers had demanded a ransom, the police chief said that in most cases the families of the victims usually choose not to disclose the dealings between them and the kidnappers, but he indicated that efforts are continuing to secure the release of the remaining detainees.