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Musimani calls on the "Al-Ahly artillery" to take advantage of the decline in the level of Moez bin Sharifiya

South African Betso Musimani, Al-Ahly club technical director, asked his distinguished players to shoot from long distances, led by Mohamed Magdy Afsha, Amr Al-Soliya and Taher Mohamed Taher, by taking advantage of the lack of proficiency of Moez Ben Sharifia, the Tunisian Esperance goalkeeper, for long shots, to shake his net at his stadium to come out with a positive result that contributes to boosting hopes. The red genie in reaching the final match of the African Champions League.

Musimani is scheduled to memorize his players the technical sentences that will be applied in line with the way Esperance plays so that the focus is on the keys to his game and closing the spaces in front of them, to reduce the formation of a threat to Mohamed El-Shennawy’s goal, as well as focusing on building attacks on the gaps in his ranks, most notably direct shooting. On goal and quick counter-attacks, as one of the solutions offered to penetrate the Esperance defense and shake its net.

Al-Ahly club’s first football team will conclude its group training this Friday evening at Rades Stadium, in preparation for its match against Tunisian Esperance, which is scheduled for six in the evening, tomorrow, Saturday, at Hammadi Al-Aqrabi Stadium in Rades in the first leg of the semi-finals of the African Champions League, where Pitso Mosimane puts the last frills on the plan for tomorrow’s match. And the method of playing that will be adopted in the face of the Tunisian champion.

Many thoughts revolve in Pitso Mosimane’s memory about the plan and style of play that he intends to implement in his match against Tunisian Esperance in order to continue the strong performances made by the Red Eagles under his leadership, given that the Rades match is a watershed in Al-Ahly’s journey towards the final match of the African Champions League, which holds his title.

It is expected that Musimani will make changes in Al-Ahly’s formation against Esperance, especially with the recovery of the Tunisian Ali Maaloul, the left back of the team from injury, and therefore Musimani will intend to return him to the left front and will also resolve the position of the right front in the absence of Mohamed Hani for injury, while Afsha is ready for the match after recovering from the injury.