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Moscow plans to construct an experimental hydrogen production complex at the Kolkskaya nuclear plant

The Russian State Nuclear Energy Corporation (Rosatom) intends to construct an experimental hydrogen production and conversion complex at the Kolskaya Nuclear Power Plant.


The director of the (Kolskaya) nuclear power plant, Vasily Omelchuk, said, according to (Russia Today) channel on Sunday: “The period of operation of the power units currently operating at the nuclear plant ends in the years 2033-2034, so we need to replace the production capacities that will go out of service (in the coming period). .


The decision on the construction of the "Kolskaya-2" station was taken at the end of the last century, but it has not yet been implemented, however, the construction site has already been selected and preliminary surveys have been carried out.


Each of the two new power units at the "Kolskaya" plant is to be equipped with a 600-megawatt VVER reactor, the design of which allows for the regulation and tuning of the neutron spectrum in the reactor core (the so-called spectral regulation), and the design of this reactor is characterized by an enhanced level of nuclear safety, and the project is now In the preparatory stage.