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Mistakes that affect weight loss and cause the failure of the "diet"... Avoid them

Losing weight may be a tedious task, but with a proper diet and exercise, it will not be impossible, and many people make mistakes during the weight loss process, which makes losing weight more difficult. In this report, we present the errors that affect the process of losing weight. weight and caused the failure of the "diet" to avoid it, according to what was published by the "Times of India" website.

Mistakes that affect weight loss and cause diet failure

Focusing too much on your weight on the scale


Losing weight isn't just about numbers on the scale, it's about getting a healthy body and reducing all potential risks of disease. If you focus only on the scales, you may ignore your nutritional needs, which may create bigger health problems for you in the future, instead stick to a diet Healthy and don't compromise on your health.

 Not lifting enough weights


While losing weight, lifting weights and resistance training can help you strengthen your body and improve your overall body composition, especially when you're aiming to lose belly and thigh fat. Intense exercise is recommended by experts.

Choose a low-fat diet

A low-fat diet will appeal to anyone trying to lose weight, however, it is not a long-term solution to your weight loss goals.

Choosing a low-fat diet will not control your cravings and make you hungrier, it will only cause you to eat more later, which can break down the weight loss process.

Not eating enough protein


A healthy protein diet keeps you full for a longer period of time Besides providing you with maximum energy, it also helps you avoid high-calorie foods for extended periods and also increases your metabolic rate and protects muscle mass during weight loss.

 Eat more calories than you burn


For people who are overweight, it can be very difficult to stay away from tasty and unhealthy foods. So, in the beginning, the biggest mistake he can make is eating more calories than burning, the key to losing weight is just the opposite. Regular exercise and healthy eating can help you achieve this.