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Mexicans are voting today to elect a new House of Representatives and state governors

Mexicans are heading to the polls today to elect a new House of Representatives, state governors and local representatives, in a pivotal race seen as a referendum on the president's efforts to change the state of state institutions, according to Russia Today.

With about 93.5 million Mexicans eligible to vote for the 500 seats in the House of Representatives, 15 state governors and thousands of local leadership positions, according to data from the National Electoral Institute, this will be one of the largest elections in the country.

Since taking office in 2018 after a landslide victory, President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador has expanded the energy industry and drastically reduced the cost of government to direct resources to the poor and priority infrastructure projects.

Recent opinion polls indicate that Obrador's Movement for National Regeneration (MORENA) could lose some of its current 253 seats in the Chamber of Deputies, but is likely to retain a majority with the help of the allied Labor and Green Party.

Although the president's name is not on the ballot, a big win "may encourage Lopez Obrador to pursue more intrusive policies and may open the door to constitutional changes," said Nikhil Sanjani, Latin America economist at Capital Economics.

Sanjani said the president is likely to deepen his state-centric policies, especially in the energy sector, in his remaining three years in office.

By law, Lopez Obrador can only serve one term, so retaining or expanding a majority in the House of Representatives is necessary to accelerate "the economic and social-structural transformation the president has been calling for, and pave the way for an amicable political succession in 2024," the expert said. Goldman Sachs economist Alberto Ramos.