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Mauritania arrests a network for smuggling foreigners and providing them with fake international immigration documents

Mauritanian security arrested a network of smugglers working to smuggle foreigners and provide them with fraudulent international immigration documents.

A security statement stated that units of the Mauritanian gendarmerie in the southern province of Ataraza succeeded in arresting 11 smugglers, including 6 Mauritanians and 5 foreigners, including car drivers and an intermediary who carries forged international immigration documents and delivers them to foreigners at the borders of Senegal; To enable them to enter the capital, Nouakchott.

The statement indicated that after deepening the research with the group, the gendarmerie reached information that the source of the forged documents was a foreigner living in Nouakchott.. The Mauritanian security services pointed out that this year they arrested 1,500 foreigners who tried to enter the country illegally, either through the civil status extract of Mauritanian citizens Or with forged international documents or Mauritanian identity cards that closely resemble the features of the foreigner who holds them.