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Libya's delegates to the United Nations stress the importance of the exit of mercenaries from Libyan territory

Libya's delegate to the United Nations, Taher al-Sunni, and Germany's Ambassador Christoph Heusgen, stressed the importance of the speedy exit of foreign forces and mercenaries from Libyan lands, and stressed the need to end all kinds of foreign interference since 2011, and launch the path of reconciliation and transitional justice.

This came in a tweet on the official account of the permanent representative of Libya to the United Nations on the social networking site (Twitter), during which he indicated that he discussed with the German delegate the preparations leading up to the (Berlin 2) conference, which will be held on June 23 this year.

Al-Sunni and Heisgen pointed out - according to the Libyan news portal (Africa) - to the importance of working to find an effective and real international consensus to support the will of the Libyans and the outputs of the road map of the Libyan Dialogue Forum, and to strengthen and implement the Joint Military Committee agreement, in addition to the importance of implementing Security Council resolutions 2570-2571 and establishing The principle of accountability for all those who obstruct the peaceful political path and the consensus of the Libyans internally and externally.