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Laughing horse steals the spotlight in one of the states of America

The couple, Amanda Eckstein and Philip Werner, wanted to take a picture with a group of horses on a rural farm in Indiana, USA. According to Sky News.

It seems that the elegant horse, with a dark forehead and a beige color, decided to share their joy and laughter with the couple, as if he knew in advance that his image would steal the spotlight from them.


The couple was happy while taking pictures, without noticing that there was someone who wanted to get the spotlight more than them, the horse "Backshot", who was near them at that moment.

"It was the best maternity session ever," said the photographer, who wanted to capture the couple's photo, Kristen Zafiro, according to the British newspaper The Sun.

The photographer asked the couple to smile, and if the horse was smiling with them, she took a front picture of them, but it seems that the photographer at that moment wanted more, so she asked the couple to turn, so the horse turns with them to get a clearer shot of his laughter, especially since the photographer laughed from the scene.

“Finally we got them to turn the right way and I told them 'At least you can smile,'” Zafiro said. “When I laughed, the horse smiled more, and it was a happy and happy picture, even of the elegant and beautiful horse even with his laughter and big teeth.