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Know the causes of bad breath in your child, most notably tonsillitis

Bad breath appears in children suddenly and often without knowing the cause, and the mother usually looks for the main cause in the child to prevent complications from infection with any fungal infection that can reach the throat and stomach.

According to the medical website “health line”, there are many mothers who suffer from bad breath in their children, without knowing the main reason behind this smell that bothers everyone, there are occasional reasons due to lack of personal hygiene, and other reasons due to certain diseases that cause this smell.

The medical report on the website added that the causes of bad breath in children are:


1 Chronic tooth decay without treatment after neglecting the child's teeth for long periods.

2 Accumulation of food in the mouth without washing and cleaning the teeth well.

3 Tonsillitis, which usually affects the child a lot throughout the year.

4 The presence of adenoids, which directly affects the smell of the mouth.

5 Chronic allergic rhinitis.

6 Oral fungi, which sometimes appear in the form of white ulcers.

7 Dry mouth as a result of saliva secretion disorders.

8 Infections of the gums or tongue.

The medical report advised the need to take care of children’s hygiene well so as not to reach the stage of bad smell and the spread of bacteria and fungi in the mouth, and said that consulting a specialist doctor quickly when there is an odor in the child’s mouth is the first degree of treatment and reaching solutions and preventing complications, and he explained that if this smell persists, it must To reveal the main cause that usually lies in tonsillitis in many children.

The report also directed the need to maintain the cleanliness of the child's teeth from a young age by constantly brushing his own brush, and to prevent the spread of fungi in his mouth and the unpleasant smell that causes him pain at times.