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Johns Hopkins: Corona deaths worldwide have risen to more than 3.9 million

The American "Johns Hopkins University" stated that the total confirmed cases of the emerging "Corona" virus (Covid-19) in the world rose to 180 million, 413 thousand and 90 cases.

And the university reported - according to the American network, "CNN" today, Saturday, - that the total deaths due to infection with the coronavirus in the world reached 3,909,491 cases.

She pointed out that the United States of America topped the list of countries most affected by the outbreak of the epidemic, as the total number of infections rose to 33,603 thousand and 193 cases, while the total deaths caused by the virus reached 603,522 cases, while India ranks second in terms of the number of infections. Which reached 30 million and 183 thousand and 143 cases, while the total deaths amounted to 394 thousand and 493 cases.