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Italian police fail to control a party of 700 young men threatening to spread the Delta strain

More than 700 young people gathered in a party that was held illegally in the Lombardy region of Italy, which raises many fears of the Delta strain of Corona, according to the Spanish newspaper “El Mundo”.

The newspaper pointed out that, amid the loud music, chaos erupted in Italy after the decision to take off the muzzle and remove some strict restrictions. The unauthorized party began on Saturday with 100 young people who arrived by train and then walked to the appointed place for the meeting, the Cassina Ronchi meadow, an old abandoned quarry.

About 50 Italian police officers were watching, trying to control the young men, most of them drunk and without a mask.

Dozens of young men lined the road. "It is clear that our concerns are mainly focused on the departure and the risk of a new spread of infection," the council member added.

In Mali, in fact, 11 new cases of corona appeared this week, three of which were of the Delta strain. "The other eight samples were sent to Pavia for analysis and we are waiting for the results," the mayor explained.

None of the new cases showed severe symptoms, except for one who had symptoms of interstitial pneumonia. Police have identified dozens of participants and the first complaints against the organizers are likely to begin on Monday.

Today, Monday, Italy, with all its regions, became “low risk” in terms of the spread of the Corona virus, and the wearing of masks in outdoor places is no longer mandatory, which represents a prominent stage for the first European country to be hit by the epidemic in February 2020.

For the first time, the Ministry of Health denied each of Italy's 20 regions as "white", indicating a low risk, under the country's color-coded classification system that assesses the risks of the spread of Corona.