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Iraqi intelligence arrests 14 ISIS terrorists in Diyala

The Intelligence Agency of the Iraqi Ministry of Interior arrested 12 terrorists belonging to the terrorist organization (ISIS) in Diyala Governorate.

The Security Media Cell stated - in a statement reported by Alsumaria News Channel, today, Saturday - that through preemptive operations in Diyala Governorate to punish terrorist elements and dry up their sources, the Federal Intelligence and Investigation Agency teams in the Ministry of Interior were able to arrest 12 terrorists in separate areas of the governorate. Diyala.

The statement clarified that the terrorists were working with the so-called "Twenty Revolution" Brigades, noting that through investigations with them, they admitted that they had participated in several terrorist operations against the security forces and citizens.

He pointed out that the terrorists' statements were initially and judicially recorded, and legal measures were taken against them.

In a related context, the Iraqi Intelligence and Federal Investigation Agency announced the arrest of two terrorists who carried out the Al-Khilani massacre in Muqdadiya district.

In which Sheikh Ali Fadel Al-Kaabi and four members of his family were killed.

She added, "They belong to ISIS terrorist gangs and worked within the so-called Kirkuk and Diyala sectors of the Wilayat of Iraq, where they confessed to their heinous crime and will be referred to the judiciary to receive their just punishment."