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How did your child prevent you from contracting the Corona virus during the current waves?

A report issued by the Indian Academy of Pediatrics warned of the damage to children during the third wave of the Corona virus epidemic, while many of them suggested that children could be more susceptible to infection with the deadly virus than adults, and we will discuss in the following lines the most prominent symptoms of the Corona virus and its complications for children.

What are the symptoms of corona virus in children?

Possible symptoms of the virus include fever lasting more than 4-5 days, reduced oral intake in children, oxygen saturation lower than 95%, poor urine output, lethargy, increased respiratory rate, irritability and loss of consciousness, red eyes and A rash on the body.

What are the preventive tips for Corona virus in children?

Brushing in the morning and evening is more important for children over the age of two.

- Make sure to gargle with warm water added to it of salt and turmeric.

What physical activities protect your child from the Corona virus?


Children fall within the most vulnerable groups of the population and it is important to plan different preventive and management strategies for children, it is important to keep their immunity strong during the third wave of coronavirus, and according to the guidelines of the Indian Academy of Pediatrics, a child must be physically and mentally agile to fight the disease, so it is recommended that Your child does yoga, meditation and other exercises. The child's diet should be balanced and he should get enough sleep so that he is healthy.