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Gulf weather.. very hot in Saudi Arabia and Kuwait, and dusty and cloudy in the Emirates

The forecasts of the meteorological centers in the Gulf countries varied from the weather forecasts for today, Sunday, June 27, 2021, as very hot weather prevails in some regions of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and dusty and partly cloudy during the day in the UAE, and to the details:-

Saudi weather


The National Center of Meteorology in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia said that the weather today, Sunday, is very hot in the eastern region and partly cloudy skies with some rainy thunder clouds accompanied by active winds on the heights of Jazan, Asir, Al Baha and Makkah Al-Mukarramah, and winds are active on the coasts of the regions of Makkah and Madinah, causing It causes dust and dirt.

Regarding the Red Sea, he indicated that the surface winds are northwesterly to northwesterly at a speed of 18-45 km/h on the northern and central parts, and southwesterly to northeasterly at a speed of 15-38 km/h on the southern part.

The wave height is from one to one and a half meters, up to two meters in the central part, and the state of the sea is medium, the waves reach wavy in the central part.

Emirates weather


The National Center of Meteorology in the UAE expected the weather today, Sunday, to be dusty and partly cloudy during the day, with low clouds appearing in the morning on the eastern coast, with a chance of convective rainy clouds to the east extending over some interior areas in the afternoon, and winds are light to moderate in speed, active at times and will be Strong with clouds exciting to dust and dirt.

Wind movement: Southeast - Northeasterly / 15-25 up to 45 km / h.

The waves in the Arabian Gulf will be light to medium. The first tide occurs at 16:29, the second tide at 02:21, the first tide at 09:18, and the second tide at 20:09.

In the Sea of ​​Oman, the waves will be light to medium. The first tide occurs at 12:05, the second at 23:21, the first tide at 18:06, and the second tide at 05:59.

The following is a statement of the expected maximum and minimum temperatures and humidity in the country tomorrow: The city: The maximum temperature The minimum temperature The maximum humidity The minimum humidity Abu Dhabi 46 30 70 10 Dubai 43 31 60 10 Sharjah 43 28 70 15 Ajman 43 30 75 15 Umm Al Quwain 44 28 75 15 Ras Al Khaimah 42 29 75 15 Fujairah 41 31 85 15 Al Ain 44 32 50 10 Liwa 47 27 80 10 Al Ruwais 43 26 80 15 Al Sila 43 27 80 15 Dalma 42 30 85 20 Greater Tunb 39 29 85 20 Sogra 39 29 85 20 Abu Musa 39 29 85 20 .

Kuwait weather


The Kuwait Meteorological Department indicated that the weather will be hot at night to hot with northwesterly to light variable winds, with speed of 06-26 km/h.

He explained that the weather will be very hot during the day, with variable winds that will change to southeasterly later, light to moderate, with speed of 08-32 km/h.

Bahrain weather

In Bahrain, the weather conditions issued by the Ministry of Transport and Communications indicated that the Kingdom’s weather today is light fog in some areas at first, and it will be hot during the day and humid at times.

The winds are variable in direction from 5 to 10 knots, but northeast to easterly, and their speed during the day reaches 10 to 15 knots at times, and the wave height is from one to three feet.