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Great support from the president and the government for the industry file... so what do we need in the future?

Engineer Mahmoud Mohsen, a member of the Chamber of Engineering Industries, stressed the need to exploit the great support given by President Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi to the industrial sector, and to carry out investment expansions for the industrial sector during the current period, amid creating a supportive and appropriate environment for the industry, whether through the availability of strong infrastructure that serves industrial activities or climate-friendly legislation. industrial.

He added, in exclusive statements, that the recent period, especially after the economic reform program, witnessed a process of controlling the reality of the national industry, which suffered for a considerable period, especially before 2014, when the industry was suffering from the biggest nightmare and the problem at the time, which was the lack of energy, power outages and the lack of gas. and petroleum materials.

He pointed out that the current period is witnessing continuous assurances from the government and clear directives from President Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi, of the importance of continuing to support and strengthen the industrial sector, to be the engine of development and to be the biggest pillars of growth in the coming years, especially as it provides millions of job opportunities besides providing local production that contributes to increasing output. total in the country.

Engineer Mahmoud Mohsen explained that the industrial sector needed several elements to obtain support, the most important of which was to simplify the procedures and facilities in the file registration of papers for the informal sector, and it also needed more facilities in the Industrial Development Authority in the file of lands, licenses and all services. provided by the Authority, and it needs financing facilities from the banking sector, especially for new projects.

He continued: The most important aspect that the industrial investor needs at present is to resolve any entanglements with the authorities working to facilitate the climate of the industrial sector, and despite the continuous directives of the Minister of Industry in this regard, this file is witnessing a large bureaucracy, so we need to deal with the file of services provided For the industrial sector simpler and easier.