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Clearing: “Marwan Hamdi, like Flavio, needs patience from Zamalek. He does not play only the last minutes.”

Major General Bakri Selim, Executive Director of Egypt Clearing, held French coach Patrice Carteron, coach of Zamalek Club, full responsibility for the appearance of Marwan Hamdi, the former clearing striker and Zamalek, in a regressive manner during his participation in the matches.

Selim said in statements to the “One Two” program with the media, Seif Zaher: Marwan Hamdi is an excellent player, and talking about his return to us is rumors, and Zamalek included him, and he is the top scorer in the league, and I blame the technical officials in Zamalek, a player who participated for 90 minutes and scored goals no less than goals. Mostafa Mohamed, he is relied upon in the last minutes, and this burns the player.

He added: We must be patient with Marwan, just as Al-Ahly was patient with Flavio and became the team's historical scorer, and Zamalek officials must find a solution for Carteron.

Regarding the approval of the clearinghouse for Bassem Morsi to join Zamalek, Bakri Selim said: As for Bassem Morsi, he is the best example that confirms my words about Marwan Hamdi. I bet that he will be the league’s top scorer after coming to the clearing, the Star Factory, and the clearing does not stand in the interest of any player. We just study the offers and look for the appropriate alternative.

Bassem Morsi participated in the league this season and the Egypt Cup in 23 matches, including 22 in the league and one in the Egypt Cup, during which he scored 8 goals in the league and made 3, while he scored a goal in the Egypt Cup.

Since Bassem Morsi moved to the clearing ranks of Egypt last January, he participated with the team in 15 matches, scoring 7 goals and making another goal.

The marketing value of Bassem Morsi, the 29-year-old, is 400,000 euros, which is equivalent to 8 million Egyptian pounds.