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Christian Eriksen is in trouble with Inter Milan because of a pacemaker

The continuation of Christian Eriksen, midfielder Denmark, with his team Inter Milan has become in doubt, after he underwent surgery to implant a pacemaker, after falling and suffering a sudden fainting on the field against Finland in the first match of the two teams in Euro 2020.

Sky Sports Italia confirmed that the 29-year-old midfielder is still recovering in his country before he begins to think about returning to the stadiums, as he will spend a few weeks at his residence in Copenhagen and will follow his country's last match in Euro 2020 against Russia on Monday.

The network added that it is clear that Inter Milan is following the whole story carefully, and is in daily contact with the player, and Eriksen will return to Milan next month, but his future in the entire Italian League and Inter specifically is doubtful, because of the pacemaker.

The network continued, "If this device is permanently left in Eriksen's body, he will not be able to play in the Italian league, since this device is prohibited by the protocol of the Committee for the Regulation of Cardiology in sports competitions, and it is not allowed to practice sports that require friction in the presence of this device." .

The small electronic device prevents fatal heart attacks and helps restore heartbeat, after the player underwent cardiopulmonary resuscitation on the field and his heart returned to beating after using the electric shock device before he was transferred to the hospital.

After leaving the hospital, Eriksen said in a statement: “Thank you all for your tremendous messages of support and support. You showered me with your noble feelings. The surgery went well and my condition is improving. It was really nice to see the players again after their fantastic match against Belgium. I will cheer for them on Monday against Russia. ".

Eriksen led Inter to win the Italian league last season, led by coach Antonio Conte, for the first time in 11 years, with Juventus dominating the title.