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Aswan President meets with the players before the start of training in preparation for Zamalek

Major General Ahmed Suleiman, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Aswan Club, and Ihab Mansour, a member of the Board of Directors, were keen to hold a meeting with the technical staff and the players before the start of the training, after returning from the vacation they obtained for 3 days, after qualifying for the semi-finals of the Egypt Cup.

Aswan is preparing to face Zamalek in the General League, in the meeting scheduled for June 17, and Aswan is scheduled to play one or two matches during that period before meeting Zamalek.

The president of Aswan congratulated the technical staff of the team, led by Alaa Abdel Aal, for achieving the achievement of ascending to the semi-finals of the Egypt Cup, as well as the players in the image in which they appeared in the cup competition, the spirit they had, the goal they achieved, and the happiest fans of Aswan and Upper Egypt.

Suleiman stressed the support of the Board of Directors and the Football Committee for the technical staff and players during the next stage and not to pay attention to the media skirmishes that always accompany the work and results in the mass teams.

The president of Aswan called on the technical staff and the players to start a new stage during the current downtime, characterized by hard work, focus, commitment and unity of purpose, calling on everyone to take responsibility and appreciate the name and popularity of Aswan Club.

Ahmed Suleiman stressed the role of senior players and those with experience inside and outside the field in a way that facilitates the task of the technical staff, and the importance of focusing on the unity of the team and maintaining the spirit, motives and incentives to achieve the goal of survival, which is reflected on the player and the team.

Aswan occupies the 15th place in the general league table with 24 points, after the sons of the South played 24 matches, where Aswan won 6 matches, drew in the same and suffered defeat in 12 other matches, and Aswan players scored 19 goals and conceded 37 goals.