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Al-Nahhas postpones the dreams of juniors in the contractors due to the league table

The technical staff of the Arab Contractors, led by Imad Al-Nahhas, postponed giving the juniors the opportunity during the remaining matches of the general league competition, due to the team’s placement in the general league competition schedule, and the contractors seek to ensure that they remain in the general league first before giving the juniors the opportunity to participate.

The Arab Contractors occupies the 13th place in the league table with 28 points, won by the wolves of the mountain after playing 24 matches, where the contractors won 7 games and drew in the same, while the mountain wolves were defeated in 10 other meetings, and the contractors players scored 26 goals, and received They scored another 31 goals.

For his part, Mohamed Adel Fathi, a member of the Arab Contractors Board of Directors, confirmed the club's management's adherence to Imad Al-Nahhas' remaining at the head of the technical management of the team, and Adel said in exclusive statements: Imad Al-Nahhas, since his work in the Contractors, has been haunted by rumors about training offers, whether in clubs or the national team, but He received a lot of offers for twice the amount he was paid, but he sticks to the club and we stick to him too.

He added, "We contracted with Imad Al-Nahhas to infinity, and contracting with words is stronger than contracting on paper, and our connection with copper is not determined by a contract."

Imad Al-Nahhas took over the technical management of the Arab Contractors in October 2018, to achieve a major breakthrough in the performance of the mountain wolves and pull the team from the bottom to fifth place after a period of declining results, before ending last season in fourth place after a strong competition for third place, and despite the faltering start of the contractors. The Arabs this season due to Corona injuries that hit nearly 18 players in the team, but the contractors regained their balance with the beginning of the second round.

Al-Nahhas took charge of the Arab Contractors technically in 88 matches, winning 34 matches, drawing 25 other matches, while defeating in 29 matches, and winning 127 points with the Wolves of the Mountain.

The Football Association had notified the Arab Contractors to postpone its match against Al-Ahly in the 26th round of the league due to Al-Ahly’s participation in the African Champions League.

Imad Al-Nahhas, the technical director of the Arab Contractors, believes that the postponement of the Al-Ahly match was a successful decision by Al-Jabalia, especially in light of the general state of stress experienced by all league teams due to the pressure of the matches.