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After Russia's warnings.. British Defense Minister: Our warships will enter the Crimean waters again

A British government official said British warships would once again be ready to pass through disputed waters around Crimea, after Wednesday's unexpected diplomatic and military clash with Russia in the Black Sea.

The British Ministry of Defense denied that British ships were exposed to warning shots by Russian ships, which was confirmed by Environment Minister George Eustis in statements to the British newspaper The Independent on Thursday, saying: This was just a defensive exercise nearby, and it is not rare for the Russians to conduct exercises in that area. .

Asked if the Royal Navy would enter the waters again, he said "of course, yes," adding: "We have never accepted the annexation of Crimea, these were Ukrainian territorial waters."

For its part, the British government rejected reports from a BBC journalist on board the destroyer, that the Russian army had attacked the British ship.

The British Ministry of Defense said in a tweet on Twitter: "No shots were fired at HMS Defender and we are not aware of the allegation that bombs were thrown in its path," adding that the sound of the shots may have been part of Russian exercises in the area.


British Defense Secretary Ben Wallace said the HMS Defender was making a "routine crossing" through an internationally recognized traffic lane.

He added: "Under international law you can take the closest and fastest route from one point to another. HMS Defender was passing through Ukrainian waters, I think on its way to Georgia, and that was the logical route to take."

According to the report, the warship sailed for about an hour in the morning within 12 miles off Cape Violent on a direct route between the Ukrainian port of Odessa and Georgia.

The British plan was to assert navigation rights in the Black Sea in support of Ukraine, which lost control of Crimea after Russia annexed the peninsula in 2014.