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After a hiatus for years... the return of life to "Sebka", the largest Egyptian saltines

Dr. Osama Abdel Aziz, CEO and Managing Director of El-Nasr Salines Company, one of the companies of the Ministry of Public Business Sector, revealed that the company has completed all matters related to the navigation of Sabika and its net area is about 27 km, which is one of the largest Egyptian salines on the Mediterranean coast, and indeed the navigation has been received And the completion of the contracting procedures for it, pointing out that the company relies mainly on navigation to achieve high revenues and exports, as it represents about 85% of the company’s production, and therefore its suspension had a significant impact on the company.


Osama Abdel Aziz added to "The Seventh Day" that navigation is being prepared again to start extracting salt, and do all technical work to restore its production capacity again, as it will take several months to start extracting salt from it again.


Regarding the role of navigation in exporting, he explained that the largest export capacity of slug shipping amounted to 90,000 tons from the port of El-Arish in 2011, and currently we have started again re-exporting from the port, through the salt mixed in the port.