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A scientific study reveals the importance of women eating chicken soup before and after childbirth

The Poultry Industry Development Association has presented a number of studies and researches that talk about the importance of eating meat and poultry drink for pregnant women, as well as after childbirth.


The Poultry Industry Development Association explained, in a statement a while ago, that women’s eating of meat and poultry soup after childbirth is one of our heritage customs, and it is a habit that is not limited to Egyptian society, but has a wide spread around the world, starting from Latin America in the east to Asia in the west, and it is Usually supported by scientific research in our time.


The Poultry Industry Development Association indicated that, according to the recommendations of the “Healthline” website, the American medical website specializing in health affairs, chicken soup and well-cooked meat ranked first among the seven foods that the mother should eat immediately after birth, as well as eggs ranked Sixth.

The Poultry Industry Development Association added that chicken is rich in protein and healthy fats, in addition to its richness in omega-3, omega-6, vitamins A, B-complex, E, and selenium, perfectly suiting the needs of pregnant women, who are going through the postpartum recovery phase. Helps the formation of fetal tissues, and helps after birth to recover exhausted involuntary muscles.


The Poultry Industry Development Association added that poultry fat is more than two-thirds healthy unsaturated fat, which is necessary, at a healthy level, to benefit from all fat-soluble vitamins, and as for the lack of carbohydrates in it, pregnant women avoid the dangers of gestational diabetes, and omega-3 helps control Blood pressure and prevents pregnant women from the risk of preeclampsia "high pressure", and omega-6 helps to control triglycerides in the blood, as well as vital vitamins to maintain the health of pregnant women, and the speed of recovery after childbirth.