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70% of Real Madrid fans agree to play at Wanda Metropolitano

The fans of the Spanish team Real Madrid agreed to play several matches of the new season at the "Wanda Metropolitano", the Atletico Madrid stadium.

The Spanish newspaper "Marca" conducted a poll to find out the opinions of Real Madrid fans, about the proposal to play the royal for a number of matches in the new season, at the Wanda Metropolitano stadium of Atletico Madrid.

She added that 70% of Real Madrid fans would welcome the royal to play a number of matches at the "Wanda Metropolitano" stadium, while 30% reject the idea of ​​playing at the Atleti Stadium.

She added that Real Madrid officials decided to play the first matches of the new season at the "Wanda Metropolitano" stadium, until the completion of the development and restructuring process for the main stadium, "Santiago Bernabeu".

She added that Real Madrid is seeking to play the matches at the Wanda Metropolitano, because it will allow more fans to be accommodated in the stands than Alfredo Di Stefano Stadium.

Although the issue is on the table, it is not the first time that Real Madrid has played in the Atlético stadium.

Real Madrid played all the matches last season at the Alfredo Di Stefano stadium, but it was not good and many clubs suffered from it, most notably Liverpool in the Champions League.