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4446 projects were completed in Upper Egypt within 7 years, at a cost of EGP 296 billion

The Ministry of Planning and Economic Development said that the number of projects in Upper Egypt during 7 years amounted to 4,446 projects that were completed, and they are being implemented in Upper Egypt during 7 years at a cost of about 296 billion pounds, of which 2,343 projects were completed, at a cost of about 51 billion pounds, in addition to To 1498 projects in the border governorates, at a cost of 182 billion pounds, of which 658 were completed projects, at a cost of 18 billion pounds.

The Ministry of Planning confirmed, in a report, that the total number of projects that have been completed and are underway for 7 years, from July 2014 to June 2021, are about 25 thousand projects, with a value of more than 4 trillion pounds.

She stressed that these projects implemented by the state are the result of its great interest in investing in national and development projects in various sectors, to make a qualitative leap, the first objective of which is construction and development, in addition to providing job opportunities for youth and reducing unemployment rates, which contributes to raising economic growth rates in various directions.