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4 healthy tips to prevent dark circles .. Take vitamin A and water

Dark circles are a problem that plagues many, whether women or men, and in the following report we talk about tips to prevent the appearance of dark circles forever, according to "onlymyhealth".

Stay hydrated

It helps in losing weight by creating a feeling of fullness and preventing the chances of overeating, prevents kidney damage such as stones and other problems by regulating body fluids, helps improve the digestive system, and also helps regulate body temperature.

For vitamins to beat


Vitamin A contains a high percentage of antioxidants and thus it is able to improve eye health and reduce pigmentation, which ultimately helps you reduce dark circles, and omega-3 fatty acids improve blood flow, which helps blood to move away from the under-eye area instead of letting it collect because Another reason for dark eyes.


Get better sleep:


The proper sleep cycle provides the ability to raise your level of beauty while you sleep, your skin enters into repair mode, regenerates new cells and circulates nutrients and oxygen, as this oxygen cycle decreases, your brain ejects as much oxygen as possible from your blood which means that the darker, deoxygenated blood begins In flow through the vein.


Topical depigmentation cream:


These topical depigmentation creams contain either vitamin C, glutathione or alpha-hydroxy acid, glutathione is an antioxidant molecule that is able to whiten skin by reducing the formation of melanin without destroying the actual pigment-producing cells.