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The launch of the first educational program for the international master's degree in financial markets

Dr. Mohamed Omran, Chairman of the Financial Supervisory Authority, inaugurated the activities of the first educational program for the first batch of students for an international master’s degree in financial markets, presented by the Financial Services Institute - the training arm of the Authority - in partnership with the Spanish IEB Institute for Stock Exchange Studies accredited by the Madrid Stock Exchange and winner of the first place In Spain and accredited by many regulatory bodies, this program has won the first place among the Master’s in Finance programs in Spain in 2019 and 2020, respectively.


Mohamed Omran said that economic aspirations have always been the motivation behind the introduction of new non-bank financial instruments in the Egyptian market with the aim of achieving diversity in the traded financial instruments and their derivatives in a way that attracts more investments into the Egyptian economy, and that to achieve this the Authority’s strategy should have included the existence of mechanisms. It works to increase the efficiency of the markets it monitors and supervises by introducing new and advanced training programs in financial engineering and focusing on providing the scientific and applied foundations for financial derivatives within the investment community with a different methodology than what is followed.


Imran added, in a press release, today, Monday, that for the first time in the Middle East and North Africa region, the educational program for the first class applying for a master's degree in financial markets has been launched in cooperation with the IEB Institute, which is one of the three most important schools specializing in financial markets in Spain, and enjoys scientific partnership from the London School of Economics and Political Science in the United Kingdom LSE and Wharton University in Pennsylvania in the United States of America, and the Chinese University of Hong Kong, and it will be implemented through a team of international lecturers inside the training rooms of the Financial Services Institute in the Smart Village.


Imran confirmed that Dr. Islam Azzam, Vice President of the Authority and one of the experts in the field of financial derivatives, will be responsible for the project to activate trading in futures contracts and financial derivatives and the necessary specialized technical cadres, and this educational program will be a support for the cadres.


This came in front of the participants in the celebration of the Financial Services Institute at the start of the educational program activities for the first batch of an international master’s in financial markets from the leaders of the Financial Supervision Authority and the Institute’s Board of Directors, and officials of the Spanish Institute, led by Mr. Alvaro Drake, Secretary General of the Institute, Javier Amo, Director of the International Master's Program at the Institute, And Dr. Gamal Shehata, Dean of the Faculty of Commerce at Cairo University, and in the presence of Eduardo Soriano, the Economic and Commercial Counselor, Candido Kreis, the Cultural Counselor of the Spanish Embassy in Cairo, and the scholars from the first batch of workers in the non-banking financial sector from the money market and insurance companies, as well as from the Egyptian banks that have a relationship with the content of Masters, whether from inside or outside Egypt.


For his part, Hisham Ramadan, Assistant Chairman of the Financial Supervisory Authority and Executive Director of the Institute of Financial Services, said that the International Master in Financial Markets is of interest to the Authority as it is one of the most important tools that enable the provision of human cadres to activate the capital market amendments, which were issued by Law No. 17 of 2018, especially the establishment of And activating the futures exchanges in the Egyptian market, because of the international master's program in financial markets that combines the theoretical and practical aspects of what will be studied, as the program provides a training opportunity for students in the Spanish Stock Exchange and related financial institutions, which will have the greatest impact on the development Skills with best practices in the money market sector, which is what we worked to achieve after evaluating the experience of the Financial Services Institute in organizing the first program on financial derivatives in 2019 with the participation of 25 trainees.


Ramadan added that the formation of the two studies in the first batch expresses the accuracy and choice of the subject of cooperation with the Spanish Institute of Stock Exchange Studies, as it includes 6 students from insurance companies, 8 students from the money market, 8 students from banks, two specialists in financial aspects, and 3 Two students from the investment and asset management sector working from outside Egypt in the United Arab Emirates and the Sultanate of Oman.


Eduardo Soriano, the economic and commercial advisor to the Embassy of Spain in Cairo, expressed his happiness in the consolidation of cooperation relations between Spain and Egypt in one of the most important areas of human communication between peoples, which is learning through practical applications, which provides the advantage of internal training in one of the largest financial institutions in Spain. Their dissertation during their stay in Madrid is at the end of the program.


Alvaro Drake, Secretary-General of the Spanish IEB Institute for Stock Studies, said that the idea of ​​globalization that was launched during the last century and consolidated in the twenty-first century included that many areas of life, including the economy, broke national borders and jumped permanently from one continent to another, and we have seen on the ground that markets Finance is one of the catalysts for this movement, and those who work in the financial markets can attest to the international and global nature of their work environment. Therefore, any professional looking for achievement and great success in the financial world should not stop on having technical skills only, but he must also possess a set of Skills that can be applied internationally.

The IEB, as a pioneer in financial education in Spain and the Ibero-American region, offers a master's degree in international markets to those individuals who aim to become international financial leaders in their fields of specialization. Therefore, it is not surprising that the number of students for an international master's program in financial markets has reached 1000 He studied in many parts of the world.


Dr. Gamal Shehata, Dean of the Faculty of Commerce at Cairo University, was keen to express his happiness at the existence of this type of educational program in Egypt, as the master's program enjoys a combination of face-to-face study for 80% of its courses, in addition to 20% through remote study by specialized experts All of them are Spaniards affiliated with the Spanish Institute of Stock Exchange Studies, which in turn contributes to granting a high-quality education to cadres interested in excellence.


It is noteworthy that the Financial Services Institute - affiliated to the Financial Supervision Authority - seeks, through its various training and educational programs, towards achieving the institute's role in supporting and developing the skills of workers in the non-banking financial sector in accordance with the Republican decision to establish it, which includes the conclusion of cooperation protocols with specialized international bodies in order to keep pace with scientific development Consolidating the rules of sound professional work and achieving the highest level of scientific and practical competence for workers and those interested in this field, by qualifying them to obtain specialized and international scientific and professional degrees.