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Summoning 3 youths in Zamalek in preparation for the Ismaili confrontation

The technical staff of the first football team at Zamalek club, led by French Patrice Carteron, decided to summon the trio of the junior team Hamdi Alaa, Hussam Abdel-Majid and Hussam Ashraf to the team's camp in Ain Sokhna in preparation for the match between Ismaili, in the match scheduled for next Thursday, at the Suez Stadium, in the round of 16 competitions of the championship Egypt cup.

The technical staff wants to compensate for the absence of the duo Tariq Hamed and Mohamed Abdel Ghani from the Ismaili match due to the suspension, and Zamalek defeated Al-Masry Al-Borsaidi on Monday by three goals against two in the twenty-fourth round of the Premier League.

On the other hand, a source inside the Zamalek club revealed the legality of the warning obtained by Mohamed Abdel-Ghani, the team's defender, yesterday before returning to the mouse and calculating the last penalty kick in which Zamalek scored the winning goal in the Al-Masry match.

The source said that the administrative body contacted the referees committee and match officials yesterday and confirmed that the warning was not canceled according to the new arbitration law, explaining the situation that the warning was obtained by the player as a result of recklessness and it is not canceled after canceling the game and returning to the fugitive, adding that the only case is that the warning is canceled after The return to the fugitive should be a warning of negligence and not recklessness or misconduct. Accordingly, the warning was adopted and the absence of Muhammad Abdul-Ghani from the Ismaili match, because it is an educational punishment and not a technical or a result of negligence.

And some voices appeared calling for the cancellation of Abdel-Ghani's warning because he got it in a joint ball with the Al-Masry striker, before the mistake was canceled and the penalty kick was counted for Zamalek.