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Step by step ... Learn how to pre-register shipments of investors in the Economic Zone

The Suez Canal Economic Zone has alerted all projects operating in the zone, agencies and shipping lines operating in its affiliated ports, to the speed of registration in the pre-registration system for shipments launched by the Ministry of Finance, which began its trial phase last April, provided that the system enters into mandatory operation next July.

The seventh day displays in pictures the steps for registration on the new electronic platform “upon import for projects of the Suez Canal Economic Zone”, according to the “ACI” system, where there are 8 steps for initial registration for this system through a valid platform, namely:

1- Registration in the online platforms / the importer registers his data on a window as a new user in the platform with specifying an extract for creating sub-accounts for him and submits the form to the logistic center of the window.

The exporter or shipping agent abroad registers on the "CARGO X" platform.

2- Registration in the clearing company or Egypt Trust / with the aim of giving the right to electronic signature to each user under the payment of a cash sum for each user.

3- Sending the username and password to each user / where an email is sent to the company, and the registered form is registered in the form that was previously received by the center, and each user is sent the password and user name for him.

4- Entering a window to list the data of "importer-exporter-class" / where he mentions the importer's data by registering his dealers' number, the customs tariff item consisting of 10 numbers, the appendices and all the shipment data.

5- Registering the initial invoice on the window / registering the invoice data through the importer or the customs clearance agent, and within 48 hours, the approval window will send the initial number "ACID" to the importer.

6- The importer sends the "ACID" number to the foreign exporter / where the importer sends the "ACID" number to the foreign exporter so that he can put this number on the commercial and navigational invoice, and the shipper sends the "ACID" number on the bill of lading.

7- Uploading the documents to the foreign source on the "Cargo X" platform / as the platform sends those documents that include the "ACID" number to the platform "meaning that the electronic platforms interact with each other" through supply chain networks that use blockchain technology. Egyptian importer of what has been done.

8- Opening the customs certificate after the electronic signature / where it is signed by the importer or his agent of the extractors, paying customs duties, receiving the release, waiting for the arrival of the shipment, and implementing all what is stated in Customs Law 207 regarding the work of release.

This comes within the framework of the Egyptian state’s plan to simplify customs release procedures and manage the risks and security of imported goods from abroad, by activating the pre-registration system before shipment when importing all goods and goods, which is considered one of the best global systems for managing pre-risks and securing ports when importing goods to Egyptian ports. Where the data and documents of customs shipments are received electronically and in advance before shipping the goods, which helps to fully inquire about all shipments before shipment and entry into the country and the speed of implementation of the tasks of the concerned authorities of acceptance of shipping and customs release.