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Head of the Customs Authority: Reducing the time for customs clearance so that ports are only transit gates

Head of the Customs Authority ... on the first tour of Cairo Airport:

Simplifying and automating procedures to reduce the prices of goods and services in the local markets

Some sister countries requested to benefit from our experience in modernizing and digitizing "customs".


Al-Shahat Ghattoury, Head of the Customs Authority, confirmed that we are continuing, with great support and close follow-up from Dr. Mohamed Maait, Minister of Finance, to complete the process of modernization and automation of the customs administration system. In a way that contributes to simplifying procedures and facilitating those dealing with customs, and reducing customs clearance times, so that ports are transit gates only and not warehouses; In order to reduce the prices of goods and services in the local markets, in a way that helps in facilitating the movement of international trade and stimulating investment, pointing out that some brotherly countries have requested to benefit from the Egyptian experience in managing the customs system through the unified electronic platform "window", through which we aim to link All sea, air and land ports; What makes Egypt a global logistical area attractive to investments.


He said, in press statements on the sidelines of his first field tour at the Logistics Services Center at Cairo Airport, that the "single window" system is a meeting point for the exchange of information and documents from all parties involved in trade and transport, as it provides mechanisms to facilitate foreign trade procedures and unify the forms necessary for the release of Goods, invoices and the application of the digital payments system, explaining that the logistical centers have been electronically linked with the General Organization for Export and Import Control, Plant Quarantine, the National Food Safety Authority, the Ministries of Communications, the Interior, and Veterinary Quarantine and Drug Policies; In a way that contributes to reducing the customs release time.


He directed immediate contact with some supply parties, and asked them to send representatives to work in the logistics center at Cairo Airport. In a way that guarantees accelerating the pace of work through the "single window", and professionally dealing with any challenges and overcoming them in the least possible time.


He pointed out that the "Exporters and Producers Support" unit that was established at the "Customs" authority is in charge of studying any complaints received by e-mail: and resolving them, and proposing appropriate mechanisms to prevent their recurrence in the future, in coordination with governmental and non-governmental agencies Related to the export field; In order to enhance the competitiveness of the Egyptian economy internationally, pointing out that the new draft of the executive regulations of the customs law, which was put forward for a week-long community dialogue that ends tomorrow, Tuesday, meets the wishes of the industrial and commercial community, as it avoids all remarks made by customs dealers.


He stressed that, as of next July, any goods shipped from abroad will be banned from entering Egyptian ports except through the pre-registration system for shipments «ACI», indicating that the hotline: «15460» has been allocated and the e-mail: Aci.campaign@mts-egy .com, to respond directly to any questions related to the pre-registration system for shipments.


The Head of the Customs Authority thanked the employees of the logistics center at Cairo Airport; In recognition of their efforts in the success of the new system, which reflected in the reduction of the average customs release time.