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4 people were killed in two attacks in northern Burkina Faso

Security and local sources in Burkina Faso announced the killing of at least four people, including two auxiliary members of the security forces, in two separate attacks in the north of the country.

An unidentified security source said - according to Radio "Africa 1" today, Monday, that unidentified gunmen carried out an attack targeting volunteers to defend the homeland in "Noralkinga" near the municipality of "Kilbo" in the Sahel region, explaining that unfortunately two of them lost their lives in attack.

The same source added that two persons were killed by gunmen in the town of "Takatami" in the neighboring "Yaga" governorate, explaining that the support of the defense and security forces allowed the attackers to be repelled.

It is noteworthy that Volunteers for the Defense of the Homeland "were established in December 2019, and they are civilian assistants who intervene with the armed forces for the tasks of monitoring, information and protection after receiving a 14-day military training.

Since May 5, the armed forces of Burkina Faso launched a large-scale operation in the northern and coastal regions, in the face of the escalation of terrorist attacks.