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10 information about the match between Zamalek and Al-Masry Al-Port Said in the league tonight

Fans of the round witch awaited the 9th chimes this evening, Monday, to follow the important meeting that brings together Zamalek and the Egyptian Port Said at Alexandria Stadium, within the twenty-fourth round of the Premier League competition, and we review the most important information about the match in the following lines ..

1_ Zamalek tops the league standings table, with 51 points, it scored 23 games, won 15 and lost two matches, tied in 6, and its players scored 41 goals as the strongest offensive line, while receiving 16 goals

2_ Al-Masry Al-Port Said ranks third in the league table with 39 points, he scored from 23 games, won 10, tied in 9, lost 4 confrontations, and his players scored 29 goals, while his net conceded 18.

3_119 matches brought the two parties together in the league competition, Al-Masry won 20 games and scored 85 goals against 71 victories and 192 goals for Zamalek, and a draw 28 times.

4_ Away from the league, the two teams met in 21 matches in the Egypt Cup, Zamalek won 11 games, lost 6 games, and the two teams tied in 4 games, while the two teams gathered a match in the Sultan Hussein Cup, which was won by the Port Said team, and 3 matches in the Egyptian Federation Cup, each team won a match and settled a tie as a result Match between them.

5_ The first match between Zamalek and Al-Masry was in the first round of the 1948-1949 season, and Zamalek won (5-1) for the winner, Muhammad Amin, Saad Rostom (hat-trick) and Abdel-Karim Saqr, while the famous scorer Mr. Al-Dhoudi scored for the loser.

6_ The last match between the two teams was in the seventh round of the league this season and ended with the victory of Zamalek with a goal without a response, which was scored by Ashour in the match that was held on January 12, 2021 at Burj Al Arab Stadium in Alexandria.

7_ Zamalek achieved the biggest victory over Al-Masry with a score (6-0) in the second round of the 1965-1966 season, and Abdel Karim El-Gohary and Hamada Emam scored for him (two goals), Farouk El-Sayed, Nabil Naseer and Waiken Hussein.

8_ Al-Masry’s biggest victory over Zamalek was (4-1) in the first round of the 1952-1953 season, and Al-Sherbini, Mohamed Lahita and Al-Sayed Al-Dahoui scored for him (two goals), while Alaa Al-Hamouli scored Zamalek's only goal from a penalty kick.

9_ Hamada Imam, the first scorer for Zamalek in Al-Masry's confrontations equally with Ali Khalil, with 11 goals for each of them.

10_ Abdel Wahid El-Sayed, the former Zamalek goalkeeper, is the player of the two teams most participating in the history of their confrontations, as he fought 18 matches in the White Areen guard against the Port Said team, followed directly by Abdel Halim Ali, who defended the white shirt in 16 games against the Port Said team.